About George Revel

George is a PhD Candidate in International Law.  His current research examines the evolution of the international collective right of self-determination and secession from peaceful, democratic states. He delivers LL.M lectures on War Crimes at the University of Edinburgh, and has taught international law as part of the LL.B programme at the University of Leicester.

Originally from Canada, George relocated to the UK in 2008 to study law. His first-class undergraduate thesis, “Legitimacy, Transparency and Fairness: Prosecuting Terrorism and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon“, focused on constituent, procedural, and confidence elements of the Court in relation to international due process standards.

For his LL.M Masters specialisation in Public International Law, George’s research thesis examined the then-upcoming 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, titled “Scotland/UK Secession: International Legal Considerations“, for which George received a Distinction. This work was the basis of engagement with the general public, answering questions and providing commentary on the nature of that historic event. He would follow up with a submission to the Smith Commission on Scotland’s Devolution, “Expectation and Limits on Further Devolution of Parliamentary Powers to Scotland“.

Areas of professional interest and research for George include:

  • Self-Determination & Secession in Democratic States
  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Diplomatic Law
  • International Criminal Law (War Crimes & Genocide)
  • Security Studies (Counter-terrorism & Cybersecurity)
  • Outer Space Law

Prior to the law, George was professionally involved in private security operations and investigations, as well as having worked in TV & Film production.

Currently resident in London, George spends his personal time visiting family and friends in Scotland, Canada, the United States, and throughout Europe.